Pumpkin Truffles

It’s fall! Welcome! In case you’re lacking fall colors where you are, here’s a little taste of where I am:

In honor of the season, you should probably make something pumpkin. I recommend pumpkin bread. It’s yummy. If that’s not your thing, maybe you want to make some truffles? They’re tasty, too.

Just mix your ingredients. Put them in the freezer for awhile. And roll up some truffle balls.

Freeze again, so everything holds together. Then, dip them in melted white chocolate using a barbeque skewer.

Cover the skewer hole with some more melted white chocolate and some finely crushed ginger snaps to finish them off! Allow the chocolate to set before you move or pack them.

Little lovelies! They look adorable, and taste like fall in your mouth. You won’t be sorry you gave these a try!

For the complete recipe, see Annie’s Eats.