Crafty, Crafty….Take 2

Let me apologize in advance for the poor (dark) quality of the photos you are about to see. Embrace the concept…it’s a good one. I’ve been meaning to make a jewelry display board for awhile now, and just haven’t. Sidenote: thanks to the roommates for the inspiration 🙂

We were at Walmart last night, and I saw this cork board on sale, and knew that it was meant to be.

To follow these directions, you’re going to need to buy a board that isn’t in a frame. Like this one. It can be done with a framed cork board, but then you have to change up the way that you attach your fabric.

Buy enough fabric to cover the cork board plus about 3 inches for each border.

Iron it out so that you don’t have to deal with wrinkles in the final product, and stretch it around the frame, securing it to the back with flat thumb tacks.

If you’re using stripes (or really, a fabric with any geometric pattern), make sure that it’s straight up and down. I had to refit the fabric a few times in order to make that happen. Alright, once you’re satisfied, secure the corners. Make them pretty.

Repeat times 3 so that all the corners look equally beautiful. And you’re done!

Now, poke pushpins in the front in whatever way makes sense to you. Hang necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Voila! Now, you have a functional way to organize and display your bling, and it doubles as a wall hanging.


In other news, I’m making a big batch of Stir Fry Mess. It’ll feed me dinner and at least a couple more meals this week. Score!

Crafty, Crafty!

This week, I decided that I needed an apron. I came to this conclusion for two reasons: A) I have goals and adventures planned for this fall that will necessitate one. B) Darcy inspired me, as she oft does. I had plenty of fabric options to choose from out of a bag of fabric I picked up at a garage sale back in the day.

Since I have time in excess while I’m at home, as well as a sewing machine at my disposal, I picked up a pattern for less than $3 and set to it this morning.

First step, cut fabric:

The cat approves of my progress.

Next step, iron all seams before sewing. It helps. It really does. I’d like to say that I knew that on my own. Unfortunately, I didn’t. My mom told me so, and I responded skeptically, thinking that it was a waste of time. She was right. She almost always is. It’s not a waste of time.

Sooo…..iron the seams I did! Then on to the sewing machine….

Yay! After a bunch of jumping up and down between sewing machine and ironing board (and doing a small bit of seam ripping; don’t judge me!), I have a finished project! For approx. $4. Not so shabby.

I am wearing shorts underneath. Promise. And I am fairly pleased with the turn out of my Saturday morning’s project. Not going to lie 🙂