Small Talk

  • Do You Have Any Christmas Traditions? Christmas Trees

    What do you and your people do to celebrate the Christmas season? Do you have any special traditions or rituals? At the beginning of 2017, I read How to Celebrate Everything by food blogger Jenny Rosenstrach of Dinner: A Love Story fame. In the intro of this delightful cookbook, she says, “Babies crave routines. Families […]

  • A Money Saving Trick this Christmas ebates

    If you’re anything like me, you’re doing a ton of online shopping this Christmas season. Maybe you have little kids at home. Or maybe you don’t love, love the hustle and bustle of the mall on the weekends. Regardless, shopping online from the comfort of your couch is just plain easier. Until recently, I’d just […]

  • Saturday Small Talk

    Ah Saturday, how I love thee. It’s hard to believe we’re rocketing toward the middle of November, with less than 2 weeks until we celebrate Thanksgiving. Where in the world did 2017 go?! Since it’s been awhile, here’s a little catch up! Lindsey Kubly has been writing about simplifying, and she’s totally speaking my language. […]

  • What are you listening to?

    In the last year, I’ve spent more time at home than any other season in my adult life. It’s just me and my kiddo for most of the day, and it gets quiet. Don’t misunderstand; she’s 1 year old and keeps a steady stream of babble going, so it isn’t quiet. But the house still […]

  • The Art of (Inconsistent) Journaling Journaling

    The other night, I was in an inexplicable funk. You know the kind? You can’t quite put your finger on what’s up, but for a short period of time, you just feel unsettled and unbalanced. Nothing is wrong, exactly, but it doesn’t feel right either. And so, for the first time in a couple of […]

  • What’s Working

    Every now and then, I like to take note of what’s working in my life. It’s so easy to to throw your hands up in the air and say, “Nothing. Nothing is working and nothing is going well.” But let’s not be melodramatic. Something has to be working. A quick little “what’s working” list can […]