April recap/May goals

Oh yeah. April: check!

  • Apparently ab workouts and I have a rocky relationship. Following March’s great success, April was an abysmal fail.
  • I ran a 10k! It was in Iowa, and it was hilly. That sounds like a contradiction of terms, but it’s true. I beat my goal time, and the route kicked my butt.
  • I cooked! I made bagels, chicken fingers, dutch pancakes, and chicken cacciatore.
  • No Persuasion. Any tips for training myself to enjoy classic literature? I don’t know what do!
  • No expansion in the garden department, but my tomato and pepper sprouts are still doing great!

May! Summer is almost here! What joy! Goals:

  • Rumor has it that a community garden is being started just a couple of blocks from my house. I need to figure out how I get my name on a chunk of dirt, and then plant some veggies in that chunk of dirt.
  • Memorial day weekend backpacking trip with some friends. Can’t wait!
  • Bike. Must bike. Triathlon is coming!
  • Keep running. Long run on the weekends, with some sprinting added in during the week as I’m able. I want to get faster.
  • Cook! I want to try my hand at a basic salad dressing, apple dumplings, stuffed chicken breast, and a new cookie recipe that’s yet to be determined.

My life is going to get busier by the day, straight through July. Bring it on!

I wanna know: What are you going to do to make May awesome?