The Easiest Thanksgiving Side Dish–Crockpot Carrots

Thanksgiving countdown: 19 days! Get excited! I love Thanksgiving. Food, family, more food. Are you hosting this year? Going somewhere? Bucking tradition and not doing anything at all?

If you’re doing a traditional-ish Thanksgiving dinner, I have an easy side dish for you.  You’ll need a Crock Pot, and I totally recommend the 6 quart Crock Pot I have. You can cook on high or low, set a timer for how long you need to cook the dish for, and then it auto switches to warm. PLUS! The lid locks on for ease of transporting.  I use this baby all the time, it cooks evenly, and it’s worth every, single penny.

Crock Pot

Enough of that. The recipe! This will feed quite a crowd–upwards of 20 people. Feel free to scale it back by half if you don’t have that many people attending your Thanksgiving.

Crockpot Cooked Carrots

Crockpot Cooked Carrots


  • 5 lbs carrots (either whole carrots, peeled and sliced, or baby carrots)
  • 1/2 c pure maple syrup
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp ground ginger
  • 1/4 cup chopped parsley


  1. Prep carrots and dump in Crock Pot
  2. Drizzle with syrup, and sprinkle on salt, cinnamon, and ginger. Stir to combine
  3. Set Crock Pot on low for 4-5 hours
  4. Once cooked, top with chopped parsley. Stir to combine
  5. Serve!

Happy Thanksgiving celebration to you and yours!

What else is on your menu? Comment below and inspire me!

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Saturday Small Talk

Happy Saturday, folks! What are you up to? We’re off to Grand Rapids for an early Thanksgiving celebration with one side of my family, and then to Kalamazoo for my Oma’s birthday on Sunday. It’ll be a great weekend full of family time!

Unrelated to it being the weekend: I’m on the hunt for a moisturizer that won’t make my sensitive, acne-prone skin break out. Send me your recommendations! Points for it being budget friendly and available at a drugstore.

Lake of the Clouds

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Enjoy your day!

Lately–A Life Update!

It’s been awhile since I’ve visited this sweet space, and you know what? I’ve missed it! I’ve missed documenting my favorite recipes and travels and life happenings in this little corner of the internet. So, I’m back. Here’s to new beginnings!

Pictured Rocks

The last year in a nutshell

September, 2015–We’re going to have a baby! Due May 22, 2016. We’re so excited!

September, 2015–The same week I found out I was pregnant, I opened a business! Because why not to do two hard things all in one year-grow a baby and a business simultaneously. Lake Notes Music Studio offers piano, guitar, and ukulele lessons to the greater Cadillac, MI, area. If you’re around, check us out!

The rest of the fall—I spent the first few months of pregnancy feeling generally exhausted and queasy, but didn’t have it toooo bad, all things considered. We first saw our sweet nugget on an ultrasound in November and had such a great time telling friends we were expecting!

Christmas Card Pregnancy Announcement

We decided not to find out the baby’s gender at our 20 week ultrasound, so I spent the winter and spring growing rounder and rounder and wondering if we would welcome a son or a daughter in May (but being pretty convinced I was carrying a boy).

Maternity Photo

And in late May, we oh-so-happily welcomed sweet Julia into our family! A baby girl! I couldn’t believe it.

Baby photo

Summer, 2016— In just her few months, Julia has been canoeing, camping, on several weekend trips, tubing down a river, to two Great Lakes… She’s our adventure baby and we’re so grateful we get to be her parents!

porcupine mountains

As of this month, Julia is 5 months old. Her skills include being adorable, babbling, avoiding naps, and sprouting teeth. Some of these skills are more charming than others. As you can imagine.


September, 2016–We bought a house! I’ll do another post giving you a tour, but in the meantime, here’s our little slice of northern lower Michigan paradise. We’re on a little river, tucked away in the woods, and we love it so.

new house

Photo credit to Bob (@bobs_the_word)

In short, it’s good to be back, folks! Get ready for some recipes I’ve been loving lately, home improvement projects, some budgeting tips, and recaps of our latest adventures.

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